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    I Don't Wanna Look, But I Also Can't Look Away From These 17 Bone-Chilling Photos

    The neighbor with the vats of chemicals in his window needs to be questioned by the police.

    1. When this vodka bottle got a face for no good reason:

    Vodka bottle with a face

    2. When this enormous snapping turtle had a Jaws moment:

    A snapping turtle in the water

    3. When someone found this walkie-talkie in their chimney:

    A walkie-talkie covered in dirt

    4. When someone looked up and saw the world's scariest banana blossom:

    A banana blossom with a strange face

    5. When this sign did NOT give enough detail:

    A sign that reads, "Your life could depend on it"

    6. When someone plucked this sweet potato that looks like it was magically transformed from a human hand:

    A sweet potato shaped like a hand

    7. When I found out what a pug MRI looks like:

    A pug MRI

    8. When an X-ray showed someone's body infested with tapeworms after they ingested raw pork:

    An X-ray of someone's body with tape worms in it

    9. When someone came up with the world's creepiest way to design their bathroom:

    Bathroom tiles that look like windows

    10. When someone posted this horrifying sale on Facebook Marketplace:

    A crib in a scary-looking room

    11. When someone found Satan's lair a mile into a sewer:

    A sign indicating where Satan lives

    12. When this person had their tooth pulled and the nerve root was still intact (and visible):

    13. When I learned how cockroaches were born:

    14. When I found out what chitterlings are:

    Someone holding chitterlings

    15. When this evil entity appeared in the sky:

    Red, scary clouds

    16. When someone noticed some mysterious chemical vats in their neighbor's window à la Jeffrey Dahmer:

    Vats in someone's window

    17. And finally, when someone had a surprise in their headphones in Australia:

    A spider in someone's headphones

    H/T: r/oddlyterrifying