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    17 Sexual Things That Used To Be Seen As Hot, But Are Now Considered Turn-Offs

    Different strokes for different folks.

    When it comes to sex, there are certain things that are just...better in theory. These ~ things ~ seem really hot while you're watching them in a movie or reading about them in a book, but are never as titillating when you bring them into your own bedroom.

    Recently, Reddit user u/crasshumor asked the question, "What's generally considered sexy, but is a turn off for you?" People flooded the comments with examples of hyped up sexual things they don't think are that great in reality. Here are some of the top-rated responses:

    1. "Anything involving whipped cream, honey, etc. I just think about how sticky it is and that’s not a good time for me."

    2. "My husband is super weirded out by any Santa-themed lingerie or sexiness around Christmas. He’s all 'SANTA IS FOR CHILDREN, IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE SEXY' and I actually totally get it and appreciate it."

    — neonsneakers

    3. "Guys with shirts two sizes too small. It makes my armpits uncomfortable just looking at them."

    — Momma_tried378

    4. "The weird high-pitched baby talk stuff."

    — Niko_Roman_Bellic

    5. "Ripping off clothes during sex. Just take them off. Don’t turn into a damn werewolf and rip my clothes into shreds. Those are expensive."

    6. "When people brag about what they can do in bed."

    — ironmanalex97

    7. "Licking in my ear. I have psoriasis. Please stop."

    — Absenceofavoid

    8. "Porn where pizza is involved. What a waste of good pizza."

    — DeepFriedVegetable

    9. "Sucking on inanimate objects. It does nothing for me. Maybe like in a cute lick a lollipop way, but giving head to a dildo does nothing for me."

    10. "When men make zero sounds during sex. Is it good? Is it bad? Give some feedback."

    — RachelProfilingSF

    11. "Anything involving water — like shower sex — which acts like anti-lube."

    — Afternoon_Cactus

    12. "Morning sex. I need to shit and your breath smells."

    — sivakara

    13. "When men flick or wiggle their tongue at you to be 'seductive.' It's gross. Just stop."

    14. "Feet. Not sure if they are generally considered sexy by most, but I never ever ever understood the appeal."

    — Gtstricky

    15. "Ass licking/rimming. Everyone tells me it's so cool, but I can't even imagine doing this or receiving it from someone."

    — DatRussianDude

    16. "Immediate aggressiveness. Could we cuddle first, then have sexy time?"

    — morcos_lajhar

    17. And finally, "Big dicks. 'Destroy me' is a term used loosely and it really shouldn't be. Use lube, kids."