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    17 Sexual Things That Used To Be Seen As Hot, But Are Now Considered Turn-Offs

    Different strokes for different folks.

    When it comes to sex, there are certain things that are just...better in theory. These ~ things ~ seem really hot while you're watching them in a movie or reading about them in a book, but are never as titillating when you bring them into your own bedroom.


    Recently, Reddit user u/crasshumor asked the question, "What's generally considered sexy, but is a turn off for you?" People flooded the comments with examples of hyped up sexual things they don't think are that great in reality. Here are some of the top-rated responses:

    1. "Anything involving whipped cream, honey, etc. I just think about how sticky it is and that’s not a good time for me."


    2. "My husband is super weirded out by any Santa-themed lingerie or sexiness around Christmas. He’s all 'SANTA IS FOR CHILDREN, IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE SEXY' and I actually totally get it and appreciate it."

    — neonsneakers

    3. "Guys with shirts two sizes too small. It makes my armpits uncomfortable just looking at them."

    — Momma_tried378

    4. "The weird high-pitched baby talk stuff."

    — Niko_Roman_Bellic

    5. "Ripping off clothes during sex. Just take them off. Don’t turn into a damn werewolf and rip my clothes into shreds. Those are expensive."


    6. "When people brag about what they can do in bed."

    — ironmanalex97

    7. "Licking in my ear. I have psoriasis. Please stop."

    — Absenceofavoid

    8. "Porn where pizza is involved. What a waste of good pizza."

    — DeepFriedVegetable

    9. "Sucking on inanimate objects. It does nothing for me. Maybe like in a cute lick a lollipop way, but giving head to a dildo does nothing for me."

    Adult Swim

    10. "When men make zero sounds during sex. Is it good? Is it bad? Give some feedback."

    — RachelProfilingSF

    11. "Anything involving water — like shower sex — which acts like anti-lube."

    — Afternoon_Cactus

    12. "Morning sex. I need to shit and your breath smells."

    — sivakara

    13. "When men flick or wiggle their tongue at you to be 'seductive.' It's gross. Just stop."


    — SheDevil18

    14. "Feet. Not sure if they are generally considered sexy by most, but I never ever ever understood the appeal."

    — Gtstricky

    15. "Ass licking/rimming. Everyone tells me it's so cool, but I can't even imagine doing this or receiving it from someone."

    — DatRussianDude

    16. "Immediate aggressiveness. Could we cuddle first, then have sexy time?"

    — morcos_lajhar

    17. And finally, "Big dicks. 'Destroy me' is a term used loosely and it really shouldn't be. Use lube, kids."


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