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15 Photos That'll Make Type A People Scream Into Their Pillows

Don't read this if you're feeling ~sensitive~ today.

1. Just the mere sight of dishes in a garbage bag:

2. A folded sleeve that'll taint your wedding photos forever:

3. Treating a car like a 7-Eleven dumpster. Who drinks PUMP anymore, anyway?

4. Loading a dishwasher the certified dumbass way:

5. And not taking proper care of your cutlery in general:

6. People who write "M" like this:

7. Having to pay money to access a plus sign:

8. One tile being entirely off:

9. Anyone who rips off toilet paper like this:

10. People who are entirely unaware that they're in the middle of the road:

11. Socks with no matches:

12. Slogans that make no sense:

13. Cutting bananas like this:

14. Online ordering setups that make no goddamn sense:

15. And finally, group projects:

H/T r/mildlyinfuriating