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    18 Photos That You Might Have To Pinch Yourself Before Looking At To Prove You're Not Dreaming

    I'm gonna show myself out.

    1. The fact that Russian cursive looks like this:

    2. The fact that plants know what birds look like:

    3. The fact that nature is able to make better art than most humans:

    4. The fact that we happily eat fungus:

    5. The fact that cough syrup used to contain alcohol, weed, chloroform, AND morphine:

    6. The fact that some lobsters have four claws:

    7. The fact that everything is owned by a small set of conglomerates:

    8. The fact that you need that many physical bills in order to buy a chicken in Venezuela:

    9. The fact that you used to be gifted a video game console if you picked a lucky soda bottle:

    10. The fact that some spiders are bigger than your lap dog:

    11. The fact that kids used to be taught how to handle guns on school premises:

    12. The fact that this dinky little boat is owned by the US Navy:

    13. The fact that this stunning tree survived a nuclear explosion:

    14. The fact that some towns use boats as transportation:

    15. The fact that people walk around all day with this many germs on their hands:

    16. The fact that prosthetics are made for animals:

    17. The fact that garlic comes in black:

    18. And finally, the fact that people have watched Jaws while floating in the water: