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17 Pictures That'll Piss Off Anyone With A Heartbeat

Consider my patience tested.

H/T r/mildlyinfuriating.

1. This can of beans has NO DAMN BEANS.

2. Lady, please not today.

3. An ALMOST present?! 

4. Don't make me question everything I've ever known.

5. On the subject of fruit, let's not individually wrap apples.

6. Can someone just pop that building back in line? Thanks.

7. Alright, they need to move those bad boys before whoever's seat that is chooses violence.

8. Gotta love corporations taking advantage of the fact that we need to wipe our asses. 

9. I don't even know what this is, but I hate it.

10. Morrisons is canceled.

11. So is this building.

12. These people aren't family — they're heathens.

13. I haven't played sudoku in 10 years, but I know this ain't right.

14. Karma for calling it lasagna.

15. Girl, how do you even see the screen?

16. I guess there's no winning in 2020.

17. And finally, just no.