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    17 People Who Gave It Their 50% Then Gave Up

    Warning: The following images may be upsetting to those who identify as type A.

    1. The person who assumed some people would be okay with listening to music out of just one ear.

    2. The person who figured stadium-goers would be fine with a perfect view of...the wall.

    3. The person who thought someone might not mind a little suspense every time they poop.

    4. And the person who thought someone wouldn't mind a little suspense every time they pee.

    5. The person who didn't put two and two together while designing these brown-stained pants

    6. The person who tried to make a cute sign but failed to realize the creepy double meaning.

    7. The person who assumed people would be okay with cooking while standing sideways.

    8. The person who thought they'd just tell it like it is.

    9. The person who laughed in the face of road safety.

    10. And the person who decided to put a sign where there weren't any cars at all.

    11. The person who got halfway through writing out the numbers on this clock and gave up.

    12. The person who figured little kids can just play telephone with themselves on the playground.

    13. The person who designed this bathroom curtain that can only be adjusted by people who are outside the bathroom.

    14. The person who forgot to take "Sample Text" off this suitcase.

    15. The person who assumed people wouldn't notice if the reflection in the advertisement didn't quite match the palette.

    16. The person who thought the perfect place for the TV would be right behind this light.

    17. And finally, the person who decided to make these pants without pant legs.

    H/T r/CrappyDesign