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    17 Adults Who Decided To Act Like Children

    Maturity is not in their vocabulary.

    1. This person who decided to put chicken bones in the back pocket of the jeans they were trying on.

    2. This person who bought a Where's Waldo? book just to photoshop out every single Waldo, then return it to the bookstore.

    3. This person who thought causing mass fear was the key to getting their way.

    4. These people who ate whole boxes of cereal and milk in the movie theater, then left them there.

    5. This person who dried their stinky shoes using the air vent on the plane.

    6. This person who was far from subtle about their seat hogging.

    7. This person who tried to flush the garbage bin down the toilet.

    8. This person who pretended they couldn't read...or see lines.

    9. This person who thought it was cool to replace their gear shift with skateboard wheels.

    10. This person who decided to use the coronavirus as an advertising ploy.

    11. This person who hid their dog's poop with a coffee cup instead of picking it up.

    12. This person who sold a Blu-ray disc they knew didn't work.

    13. This person who stuck their soft drink in a charity donation box (that's meant for money only).

    14. This person who used their own kid's stroller as a step stool.

    15. This person who blatantly ignored this very clear message.

    16. This person who decided to hog every single weight in the gym.

    17. And this person who wrapped a buckle around the TV of the person behind them to secure an extra pillow they wanted to use.