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15 People Who Tried Embarrassingly Hard To Look Smart But Ended Up Looking Like Idiots

Bro, please stop talking.

1. This person who is probably lying about every single one of these accolades:

2. This person who got schooled real quick:

3. This person who spewed absolute bullshit:

4. This person (Charles Bukowski) who made no points at all:

5. This person who probably just doesn't have much of a life to think about:

6. This person who's likely the only visitor to the "Netflix tech blog":

7. This person whose spiel about "X-ray vision" is cringe central:

8. This person who likes to play doctor:

9. This person who's gonna have a hard time getting Bumble matches:

10. This person who sure gets themself into weird arguments:

11. This person who is acting like they're the first atheist ever:

12. This person who came up with the worst business idea:

13. This person who doesn't seem to grasp the concept of internet slang:

14. This person who, for some odd reason, I don't feel bad for:

15. And finally, this person who thinks they're a genius for being well-versed in _Family Guy _jokes:

H/T: r/iamverysmart