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    12 People Who Refused To Take Abuse From Their Bosses

    Show 'em who's boss.

    1. This person who got a doctor's note that tore his inconsiderate boss to shreds:

    2. This person who took no shit and basically said, "I'll see you when I see you":

    3. This person who put their foot down once and for all after they were told, "I'm not asking you to come in, I'm telling you that you have to":

    4. This person who bluntly told their boss that they're not going to jail for them:

    5. This person who had no problem letting their boss know that school is their priority:

    6. This person who had the perfect response when their boss told them to "stop being a victim":

    7. This person who refused to do work at midnight:

    8. This person who taught his boss a little something about supply and demand:

    9. This person who held nothing back after their boss denied their time off:

    10. This person who had a sixth sense about their new boss:

    11. This person who left the chat:

    12. And finally, this person who hopefully ended up leaving this note:

    H/T: r/antiwork.