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    These 16 Screenshots Aren't Coincidences — They're Clairvoyance


    1. Whoever made this meme in 2018 that included all three Spider-Men:

    2. Whoever noted that we were due for a pandemic less than a year before COVID:

    3. Chris Crocker (duh):

    4. Whoever wrote this Onion article that predicted the way the US would leave Afghanistan 10 years later:

    5. Whoever made this meme about the Suez Canal being blocked:

    6. Josh Peck when he didn't invite Drake Bell — who was later charged with child endangerment — to his wedding:

    7. Rhett from Good Mythical Morning when he predicted that the OK hand gesture would become a hate symbol:

    8. Tom McKay when he predicted that the next variant would be called "Omicron" (even though it wasn't the deadliest):

    9. Whoever wrote this line in Community over a decade ago:

    10. Whoever wrote this comment about Kevin Spacey years before sexual assault allegations against him surfaced:

    11. Whoever predicted that 2020 was gonna be the REAL end of the world:

    12. Drew Curtis too:

    13. Whoever wrote this article in 1963 about mobile phones:

    14. Whoever made this ad that essentially predicted Siri:

    The last paragraph reads: "Perhaps some day in the future you may just speak the number into the transmitter and get your party automatically."

    15. Whoever made this "Salmon Crunch" photoshop years before some guy found shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch:

    16. And finally, whoever wrote this joke into _Land of the Lost _years before Matt Lauer's sexual misconduct allegations came to light:

    H/T: r/agedlikewine