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    14 People Who Tried To Make The Best Of The Worst Week Of The Month — AKA Their Period

    It's called self-care, and it's well-deserved when you have to bleed from your vagina once a month.

    1. This person built a "crustacean menstruation station" for their bathroom:

    A crab holding pads and tampons

    2. And this person got a plushy friend sent to them from their mom (I see a crustacean rhyme pattern):

    A menstruation crustacean

    3. This person bought a "discreet" bag to keep their tampons and pads in:

    "discreet feminine product storage"

    4. This person made their husband a hilarious guide for buying the right type of tampons:

    A tampon guide

    5. This person made a Zelda-themed product bag:

    "The blood moon rises once again"

    6. This person designed a hilarious period tracker:

    A self-made period tracker

    7. This person made sure their bathroom was STACKED:

    Tampons and pads

    8. This person came up with an all-star candy combo:

    An assortment of candy

    9. And this person ate whatever the hell they wanted to start their day:

    Someone's breakfast foods list

    10. This person bought pads with cat-themed packaging:

    Pads with a cat theme

    11. This person has fresh fruit and tea for dinner whenever they're on their period:

    Fresh fruit and tea

    12. This person received a free nail polish with the tampons they bought:

    A person holding nail polish

    13. This person baked themselves some fresh garlic rolls:

    Hot rolls

    14. And finally, this person lives in Scotland, so they were lucky enough to get some free period products in the mail (cries in American):

    An assortment of menstruation products