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    These 16 People Should Probably Never Go In Public Again

    Why do so many people leave their dildos in parks?

    1. This person who treated Nordstrom Rack like their high school bedroom:

    2. This person who passed on their rude habits to their kid:

    3. This person who used someone's headrest as a footrest:

    4. This person too:

    5. These people who let their dogs use the elevator as a pee-pee pad:

    6. This person who threw their dildo to the wind:

    7. Same with this person:

    8. And this person who probably killed a few fish with their fleshlight:

    9. These people who lost their donut privileges:

    10. These people who topped the list of what NOT to do in a doctor's waiting room:

    11. This person who just ruined a whole lotta people's lunch break:

    12. These people who exhibited kindergartner behavior:

    13. These people who shot up the McDonald's drive-thru screens:

    14. These people who graffitied penises all over Walmart:

    15. This person who keeps pissing in the shower:

    16. And finally, this person who left a used tampon on their restaurant plate:

    H/T: r/trashy.