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    These 27 Employees Threw In The Hat Halfway Through Getting Their Job Done, And It Shows

    The instructions were simple, yet they majorly screwed up.

    1. This person took their instructions way too literally:

    A person was asked which school should be put on their name tag and when they said "probably University of Central Lancashire" that's exactly what was put

    2. Same with this person:

    3. This person didn't understand their own job description:

    4. This person didn't give two Fs about breaking a violin bow to fit their small packaging:

    5. This person got real lazy with their translations:

    6. This person forgot how to spell Sacramento:

    7. This person somehow thought there would be no repercussions to sending along a broken bowl:

    8. This person forgot the D:

    9. This person had no knowledge about the product they're supposed to be an expert on:

    10. This person shipped 1,000 crickets without a container for them:

    11. This person designed the most pointless ramp imaginable:

    12. This person added just a SPRINKLE of insulation to the roof:

    A roof without insulation

    13. This person chose an odd place to put the price tag:

    14. This person got the shirt halfway on, then gave up:

    15. This person really didn't need to relay this message:

    16. This person is asking for their merch to get stolen:

    17. This person turned a cute pug into a scary alien:

    18. This person just got in a whole lotta trouble:

    19. This person was way off with their math:

    20. This person didn't care to take the customer's food out of the packaging:

    21. This brand really said "screw the vegans":

    22. This person offended all bagel lovers:

    23. This person probably caused a lot of burnt fingertips:

    24. This person did the opposite of following instructions:

    25. This person added cheese to...the outside of the burrito(?):

    26. This person created a death trap:

    27. And finally, this person definitely meant ambidextrous:

    H/T: r/NotMyJob