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    15 Photos You Might Need To Take A Deep Breath Before Looking At

    Not today, Satan.

    1. This person who is mad other cars aren't parking crookedly to accommodate them:

    Parking like this and thinking the other person was in the wrong. from facepalm

    2. This person who took the time out of their day to put posters up that deemed the coronavirus pandemic a "scam":

    The biggest scam in history from facepalm

    3. This person who treated a bookstore like a Forever 21 dressing room:

    Did she purchase or put back any of the books?...of course not. from trashy

    4. This person who thought a recovering addict would be the best person to turn to for a drug hookup:

    This person attempting to source drugs off me, after seeing my post regarding my current addiction problems. from trashy

    5. This person who could benefit from learning about countries other than the US:

    I have no words from facepalm

    6. These people who thought they'd just casually trespass onto someone else's property to host their wedding:

    Trying to have your wedding at a stranger’s house from facepalm

    7. This person who's been stealing constantly from someone's garden:

    As someone who just started their own little outdoor garden, I'd be so pissed from trashy

    8. This person who must be living in the year 2002 if they think this joke is funny:

    I have drive by this winner every day. Yard is just as trashy as his transportation. from trashy

    9. This person who tried to sell their grandma's remains:

    Rinsearoo from trashy

    10. This person who would be a nightmare to be around even if we weren't in a pandemic:

    Someone took a bite out of honeydew and put it back at a chinese buffet from trashy

    11. This person who should be put on the No Fly List:

    Imagine!!! from trashy

    12. This person who somehow didn't realize they were making an absolute fool of themselves:

    this man is losing his rights from trashy

    13. These people who went way too far for the sake of a stupid frat party:

    The aftermath of a frat party in Columbus , OH a few days ago. from trashy

    14. This person whose request for financial help was really poorly timed:

    Got married this weekend. Amongst all of the messages of congratulations, my wife’s cousin got this one from trashy

    15. And finally, this person:

    I don't think she knows... from facepalm

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