18 Times People Didn't Realize Who They Were Talking To, And It Ended In Grave Embarrassment

    Don't assume anything.

    1. When this person told a bartender to call them "doctor," not realizing that they were also a doctor:

    2. When this person tried to school the creator of Avatar on his own show:

    3. When this person couldn't apply to a company that required mastery of a program that...he created:

    4. When this person had the gall to accuse Malala of doing "nothing" for human rights issues:

    5. When this person told the author of a book on nerve agents to "do some research" on the topic of nerve agents:

    6. When this person had no clue that they were talking to this IndyCar driver:

    7. When this person told a famous book reviewer to "read a fucking book":

    A book reviewer telling a story about a random guy on a subway telling him to "read a fucking book"

    8. When this person told Jenna Fischer that she looked like an "older version" of Pam from The Office:

    9. When this person tried to train someone on a document that they wrote themselves:

    10. When this barista told Tom Morello that he looked like Tom Morello (and still didn't put two and two together after he said his name was Tom):

    11. When this person told someone to give "the maker of the videos" credit...on content they made?:

    12. When this person tried to tell the moderator of a subreddit what they should and shouldn't post:

    13. When this person told an Olympic swimmer that they should swim with the local country club:

    Lady in public lane: you’re very good at swimming you know.. Me: erm, thanks Lady: no seriously, you should try and do a trial with the county club! Me: erm, well I actually went to a couple of Olympics.. Lady: me too! Which sports did you get manage to get tickets for? 🤔

    Twitter: @LizzieSimmonds1

    14. When this person made the humiliating (and sexist) mistake of underestimating a female writer:

    15. When this person mansplained "Hamilton" to Lin-Manuel Miranda:

    16. When this person told a nurse they should "spend a day on the frontline as a nurse and find out what it's like" because they didn't see them clap at the start of the pandemic:

    17. When this person told a med school professor and retired military doctor that they're "a little naive" about what a bio weapon consists of:

    18. And finally, when this person was wearing a Blink-182 shirt, but had no clue that the lead vocalist Mark Hoppus was complimenting them on it:

    H/T: r/dontyouknowwhoiam