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17 Absolutely Rotten People Who Really, Really Should Have Never Had Children

Whoever gave away Javier is gonna feel my wrath.

1. This mom who's creeping three years into her daughter's calendar to micromanage her sex life:

2. This parent who gave away their child's adorable dog because they didn't do their homework:

3. This mom who called the cops on their own daughter for the dumbest reason:

4. This mom who thinks their kid is the Antichrist for using a metal straw:

5. This mom who gave their child an impossible deadline:

6. This mom who sent their kid to school after he tested positive for COVID, therefore endangering the other children:

7. This dad who has no concept of boundaries:

8. This mom whose awfulness knows no bounds:

9. This dad who has no trust in their child whatsoever:

10. This mom who had the most screwed-up response to her daughter coming out:

11. This mom who trusts garbage internet science over her son's doctor:

12. This mom who sold her daughter's pet behind her back:

13. This mom who got a fat dose of karma:

14. These parents who destroyed their kid's guitar all because they got vaccinated:

15. This dad who has zero sense of boundaries:

16. This parent who watches their child's every move:

17. And finally, this mom who blamed her child's mental health crisis on their lack of religion:

H/T: r/insaneparents