17 Parents Whose Bathrooms Belong In Museums

    When can I move in?

    If you grew up in a house with more than one bathroom, then you know: Parents save the REALLY nice one for themselves.

    TikTok user @lindseybiggs25 decided to show what this bathroom disparity looks like in her house with a video that now has 5 million views.


    And if we’re being honest I’d rather be showering in the communal showers at my SORORITY HOUSE BUT CORONA RUI— #fyp #boredathome

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    Other users started to share what their parents' bathrooms look like, and let's just say I'm now feeling very insecure about my shower situation:

    1. This one has an ocean view.

    2. This one is bigger than my whole apartment.

    3. This one has a fireplace in it.

    4. This one has a bed in it.

    5. This one looks like a spaceship.


    Don’t show my mom 💀 she hates it

    ♬ original sound - lindseybiggs25

    6. This one sprays you from the side.

    7. This one looks like a castle.

    8. This one makes you feel like you're one with nature.

    9. This one looks like it's straight out of the future.


    my grandparents wonder why (it’s their shower) haha! #boujee #crazyshowers #fyp #homedecor #fyp

    ♬ original sound - lindseybiggs25

    10. This one has a hot tub in it.

    11. This one looks like a plant nursery.

    12. This one is nicer than any spa I've ever been to.

    13. This one looks right out onto a lake.

    14. This one has the world's most gorgeous chandelier in it.

    15. This one looks like a museum.

    16. This one is encased in marble.

    17. And finally, this one looks like a sculpture.