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    17 Photos That'll Make You Look Once, Twice, Three Times Before You Understand What's Going On

    These are bringing me back to the early internet days.

    1. These legs that look like they're super shiny, but they just have white paint perfectly placed on them:

    Legs with white paint on them

    2. This haircut that makes it look like there's a pothole in this guy's head:

    Closeup of a man's haircut

    3. This keyboard that's making all my senses tingle:

    Closeup of a computer keyboard

    4. This gate that has a 3D appearance:

    Closeup of a gate

    5. These spheres that are actually all the same color:

    Spheres with lines going through them

    6. This design that makes me feel like I'm on a Tilt-A-Whirl:

    Geometric design that appears to be moving

    7. This house that looks straight out of a Dr. Seuss book:

    A house painted to look like geometric shapes

    8. This vent that's making me see things:

    Closeup of an air vent

    9. This bird that looks like a bunny:

    Closeup of a bird in someone's hand

    10. This floor design that gives me vertigo:

    A floor that looks like a hole going downward

    11. This park that just shot me into another dimension:

    A park that looks like a sphere

    12. These lines that seem anything but straight:

    Closeup of lines that appear crooked

    13. This reflective tissue box that makes it look like it's part of the wall:

    Closeup of a tissue box

    14. This illusion that will alter your vision for a good minute:

    Image of a man hidden in some lines

    15. This boat that is not actually floating midair:

    A boat that appears to be floating

    16. This drawing that I feel like I could fall into:

    Closeup of a drawing on the page

    17. And finally, these two people that are actually just one human:

    A man sitting on his motorbike