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"They Don't Know What Work Actually Means": 17 Times Older Generations Had No Faith In The Gen Z Workforce

"Don't hire Gen Zs. They don't know what work actually means."

Last month, a manager at a Dollar Tree store in Indiana posted a sign on the door of the business, which read as follows: "I apologize for closing AGAIN. My 2 new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn't stand here for their entire shift!! Don't hire Gen Zs. They don't know what work actually means. NOW HIRING! Baby Boomers ONLY. Thanks!"

As you can imagine, this set off quite the debate about Gen Z'ers in the workforce, and how their work ethic compares to other generations. While many people lauded the generation and their special talents...

I’ve seen mixed reviews of hiring gen z. My personal experience after 3 years of all baby boomer or gen x employees is that these kids are fvcking awesome. Bright future ahead for folks who treat them fairly.

Twitter: @SWTC_INC

50% of TikTok users are under 34, 41% aged 16-24. For a brand to be successful on TikTok, they need to be hiring Gen Z to run their accounts and giving them creative freedom! Great examples of brands with an engaging TikTok presence: @duolingo @Ryanair https://t.co/Ju1ExjG3Va

Twitter: @emilyltruesdale

Hire more Gen Z in the marketing team of your startup for growth in creativity and enthusiasm.

Twitter: @amanpreet_27

...There was still an overwhelming amount of negativity coming from millennials, Gen X'ers, and boomers on the subject. Here's what 16 people on Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms had to say about hiring Gen Z:

1. "I'd like them to be a bit more aggressive and interested in taking on more responsibility. I'd also like them to be more 'risk on' in how they approach things. When I was coming up, the complaint was that millennials were always asking for too much responsibility and influence too soon. Now I have the opposite problem with Gen Z employees, in that I have to drag them kicking and screaming to fully own processes or do things that they aren't very familiar with."



Post with the writer saying, "saw this tik tok about this guy complaining about how unprofessional this new generation is with resigning jobs. He said his last employee quit by sending a text message..."



Social media post that says, "That's why I'd rather hire generation Boomer! Boomers are workers. They will out work any Gen Z and won't complain about their feelings being hurt."



Something going on in your life?” Gen Z Employee: “Nah. I guess I just have a bad work ethic.” My Boss: Well put that on your unemployment claim. You’re fired.

Twitter: @Reverend_Ducati


Gen Z Analysts after receiving minor feedback at work.

Twitter: @HighyieldHarry


Never seen a generation so self-absorbed, so mannerless, so lazy and so selfish as the Gen Z generation.

Twitter: @ronaldnzimora


This is how Gen Z asks for job vacancies. I don't even know her/him. Does it hurt to even make a little introduction of yourself🤦‍♂️

Twitter: @Onorpik


Millennials *Worried they wouldn’t get a job because of their social media* Gen Z *Gets job because of their social media*

Twitter: @theaknobel


Most of you Gen Zs are also unemployable in several verticals. Just cannabis, vibes and life of the party.

Twitter: @ObinnaUkwueze


13. "I don’t think Gen Z'ers are very resilient. Folks used to work in shitty conditions, go home, and hardly have anything to eat. But they’d figure something out. They'd find a way to make things work, and stay positive. They’d have hope. I think folks nowadays give up too easily. They lose hope too easily. They can’t push through adversity."



Boomers next to us “I would just NEVER hire a Gen Z I’d much rather hire some old dude, I mean they show up on time, they do what you tell them, and they don’t ask questions… you can’t count on those entitled kids” and then proceeded to talk about his own greatness

Twitter: @marlsworldYT


@natvanlis I’m last year Gen Xer who has to hire a bunch of Gen Z’s & while they have some great qualities (i.e. how open minded they are 👍🏽) some of them legitimately don’t know how to sign their names, their own addresses from memory, etc. I see that as a a failing of my generation, tbh.

Twitter: @Kate_Terry725


Gen Z is wildin lol my hiring manager told me applicants use their astrology signs as a reason to get hired these days 😂

Twitter: @cellyforelly

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