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Older Generations Are Getting Real About Their Biggest Problems With Gen Z, And Oof, Some Of These Are Harsh

The gen wars continue.

Aaaaaand we're back with more gen wars content!

This time, it's older generations airing out their grievances about Generation Z. Here's what 25 people had to say about Zoomers:


Serious question: why do Gen Z kids have terrible posture? I just wanna roll all y’all’s shoulders back & pick up your chins.

Twitter: @TheOnlyDetox

2. "I'm not a fan... It seems like all they do is talk trash and make bogus claims — like stating they are the hardest working generation, despite employers saying otherwise. They seem to be pretty immature when compared to millennials when they were younger."


someone rolling their eyes


Why do Gen Z love sending voice notes? 🤔

Twitter: @WesleyAdi

4. "I can't stand interacting with Gen Z on the internet, especially on YouTube. They generally seem to be desperate for attention on the internet...And if you try to bring something up they're unfamiliar with they will simply refuse to Google it and wallow in ignorance. "


someone with their hands on their cheeks


why do gen z people think they invented the word “vibes” its like a beatnik hippy word from the 60s or possibly 50s. jesus hw christ

Twitter: @UMO

6. "My dad tells me about how a lot of people in my generation just buy into trends even if they are dangerous. I never did anything like that, but my dad brought it up when reading about wallstreetbets on Reddit."



Why do Gen Z keep yelling at us to replace skinny jeans with ‘Mom’ jeans? Not gonna happen y’all, I’ve got a round rear end, child-bearing hips the width of a bus and some long old legs that need to be flaunted, not hidden under a sack.

Twitter: @CazCronin

8. "I feel indifferent. Gen Z is a mix of positive activism and mindless bullshit. I’m all for the movements and conversations they’re trying to start, but disagree with some of the things they’re trying to normalize."


someone in mid-conversation


But why does Gen Z look older than Millennials?

Twitter: @Dentalgiorgio

10. "Gen X here. They're basically the worst generation — next to Baby Boomers — in terms of entitlement. I had to sub a high school class full of Gen Z'ers for a friend for a week after his wife went into labor and gave birth to their first child. They didn’t want to do the work and were on their phones and talked shit about my friend and his family (like they hoped his baby died at birth and other cruel things ). I failed them for the week and left a notes about how awful they were."



I don’t like how gen z uses “kms” so casually, it reduces the gravity of suicide and makes people look over other’s cries of help.

Twitter: @isokorevieno

12. "I was born in 1990 and my sister was born in 2000. There aren't many differences between us, except she rarely reads book (which will probably become extinct since all information is taking digital form). Nowadays, if you wanna look badass, just grab a newspaper."


Billie Ellish with her tongue out


why do gen z think being gen z is a personality trait?

Twitter: @LuvlyyX

14. "They're the Karen generation. They always have something to complain about. Even small and unimportant problems can be turned into big ones."


a character saying what?


Why do gen z’ not listen to ANYBODY! They all think they deserve some form of respect they don’t give to anybody else and it’s so frustrating

Twitter: @DaneRexton

16. "Gen Z will either be known as the generation that goes forward and fixes a lot of the world's problems, or being the world's most narcissistic generation. It could split either way honestly."


a person smiling at the camera in full glam


why do gen z tiktokers have such a god complex

Twitter: @raq_and_roll

18. "They're notorious for cancelling everything that moves."


someone with headphones on sitting in front of their computer and using their phone


Why does Gen Z never use text message?! Any Gen Z kid I know only uses Snapchat to message and it drives me crazy

Twitter: @kenziegsackett

20. "They're a paradox to me (a millennial). They're so advanced socially and technologically that they have the potential to be the smartest generation ever. On the other hand, some of their trends and quirks are asinine, making you think that they may be the dumbest generation ever."


someone throwing up two peace signs for the camera


Why does Gen Z pretend that they’re the first generation that has ever had thoughts

Twitter: @shit_queen

22. "As a millennial — personally, feel that a good amount (not all) of Gen Z kids have no concept of true repercussions or rules. Most of them grew up already attached to some kind of electronic device and were taught that everything needs to be 'fair'...When in reality, that’s just not how things are."


Kylie Jenner taking a selfie


why does gen z watch old ass movies and expect them to be PC and then complain about how they’re not PC. just don’t watch, it’s not rocket science lmao

Twitter: @rons__howler

24. "One startling fact I read is that most kids in the US and UK want to grow up to be a famous YouTuber. I really hope all those kids grow out of it so we can get new doctors, etc. to improve the world that all the old assholes ruined for us."


someone with a mic in their hand staring off

And finally,


why does Gen Z listen to the WORST music. Pls listen to your TikToks on mute. Dhatha sikundeega rissany.

Twitter: @sauwali

Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.