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    The Girl Who Cried On TikTok While Dancing To "Obsessed" Finally Revealed Why She Was Sad

    We may never know why Eminem was so obsessed with Mariah, but at least we know this.

    Believe it or not, it's been a year and change since the following video graced our social media feeds:

    People were confused by the sad and contextless TikTok, but at the same time, they vibed with it.

    you know that tiktok of the girl crying while dancing to obsessed? thats me right now, trying to have fun and blasting spotify but still on the verge of tears

    the video of the girl crying while doing the obsessed song on tiktok was a cultural reset

    therapist: what do we do when we feel this way ? me: go on tiktok and do the ‘obsessed dance’ while crying. therapist: i- no.

    As time went on, questions about "crying 'Obsessed' girl" remained but fell to the wayside amid a sweeping pandemic and political strife.

    I have more tiktok questions. Why was that lil girl crying dancing to mariah carey obsessed? Did the song make her think of something? Did she just get into a family fight but was still committed to making the video? Did it take forever to learn the dance and she finally got it?

    Honestly, I never expected answers. And that, my friends, is one of the few gifts 2020 has given us: low expectations. So when the following TikTok showed up on my For You page earlier today, I could not believe my eyes:

    TikTok user and cryer extraordinaire @reesehardy finally revealed the reason she was upset! She dyed her hair brown after a boy broke her heart, hated the way it looked, then unsuccessfully tried to get it back to the original color.

    Reese saying she dyed her hair brown, hated it, then tried to go back to blonde and it didn't work and she had a mental breakdown and made the TikTok
    @reesehardy_ / Via

    In conclusion, men + hair malfunction =

    Reese crying while dancing
    @reesehardy / Via

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Reese for comment.