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    15 Obscene Fast Food Orders That Employees Looked At And Said "Nope"

    They can't keep getting away with this.

    1. This McDonald's order that's literally just a hamburger bun:

    2. And this enormous McDonald's order that came in 30 minutes before closing time (with only two employees in the kitchen):

    3. This Taco Bell order that's literally just 47 packets of fire sauce:

    4. This Taco Bell order that defeated the purpose of fast food:

    5. This Subway order that asked for "(MORE)" of every single ingredient:

    6. Same with this one. It's apparently a trend:

    7. These Subway orders that led to nothing but a headache:

    8. This Domino's order of 50 pizzas that an employee who was working alone had to make all by themselves:

    50 pizzas

    9. This Domino's order that hopefully will not be consumed all at once (I'm thinking chocolatey garlic burps):

    10. This Domino's order that's just pickles on warm bread:

    11. This Chick-fil-A order that was a little too specific:

    12. And this Chick-fil-A order that requested fruit in the grilled nugget cob salad:

    13. This Panera order from someone who's got a cheap gift planned for 20 friends:

    14. This Jimmy John's order that asked for an all meat sandwich, but subtracted every single meat:

    15. And finally, this Jimmy John's order that was definitely made by a bored teenager (or an adult with the maturity level of one):