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15 American Foods That Make Non-Americans Sick To Their Stomachs

They yucked our yum.

If you're American and you don't take criticism well, the following post might offend you. You've been warned.


Reddit user u/sterlingboy asked non-Americans to share the American foods that gross them out, and they did not hold back. Here are some of their brutally honest opinions:

1. "I have a British friend who nearly vomited at the smell of Smartfood white cheddar popcorn. He said it smells like baby shit."

2. "We have very good family friends from Botswana. The idea of eating lobster is disgusting and scary to them because they think they look like scorpions."

3. "My Japanese teacher in high school always has her Japanese exchange students try root beer, and they always hate it. One girl cried once because of how awful she thought it was."


4. "Cookie dough in a tube, which you guys apparently eat raw, according to the movies. Obviously, I have no idea what this stuff tastes like, but the concept just seems strange to my Scottish mind."

5. "I was over for a J-1 two summers ago. I couldn't get over how horrible the bread was. It felt like there were a couple of pounds of sugar in it!"

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6. "An overwhelming percentage of espresso-based beverages I have been served in the US have tasted like bitter, burnt asshole. Commonly at Starbucks, but also at smaller coffeehouses."

7. "The amount of sugar in your cereal. I could never tell if it was a layer of mold or solid sugar on those Froot Loop things."

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8. "The way they eat applesauce. Over here in the UK, you would have a very small portion of it with some pork. It's just a condiment. In the US, they would pretty much have an entire bowl of the stuff and would just put spoonful after spoonful of it into their mouths. It's like a meal in itself."


9. "The way people drink more soda than water. I really can't imagine drinking something like that every time I am thirsty."



10. "Hershey's brand chocolate is the absolute worst. Sorry, Americans, but that is not chocolate."


11. "Grits. What the fuck even are grits? It sounds like the most unappetizing thing ever. 'I had grits for breakfast.' WHY ARE YOU EATING TINY ROCKS?"

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12. "American cheese kinda makes me feel ill."

13. "I offered my visiting British friends some delicious beef jerky. They immediately spat it out in disgust."


14. "Cupcakes. I love the idea of having a cute little muffinlike cake, but then you slap ridiculous amounts of sweet cream on top that is sticky, is way too sweet, and has a weird texture. And on top of that, there is often more cream than cake. It's not a good ratio, and it starts sticking to your gums. It's very difficult to eat and overall an unpleasant experience."


15. And finally, "Taco Bell. They tried to open one over here and it lasted about a week. Don't try to sell Taco Bell to Mexicans. Just don't."

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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.