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    "Nacho Tables" Are The Newest Party Food Trend And I Can't Believe We Didn't Think Of This Years Ago

    Nacho table, nacho problem.

    Nachos are one of the most universally loved, reliably delicious, and fun-to-eat party foods on the entire planet.

    So when I saw the trend of "nacho tables" taking off on TikTok, I felt as though I was witnessing a moment in culinary history.

    The process involves covering your dining table with tin foil, then pouring tortilla chips all over it. In essence, the table is now the plate.

    Two people pouring tortilla chips on a tin foil-covered table.

    Once the base is set, you pour all the good shit on it (perhaps with the help of a chair to stand on).

    Girls pouring salsa on chips. One is standing on a chair.

    And voila, a nacho table! The ultimate party appetizer.

    The table of nachos covered in toppings.

    The beauty of the nacho table is that there isn't just one way to format it. This family set up all the toppings in the middle for easy access and created a moat of chips around it.

    These guys added Flamin' Hot Cheetos to theirs, which is not my journey, but I respect it.

    And this family let their cute little baby in on all the fun!

    Screw potlucks — I know what I'm doing for my next dinner party!