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    Updated on Aug 8, 2020. Posted on Aug 8, 2020

    14 Wild Disses People Actually Used On MTV's Iconic Show "Next"

    Insults hit different in the early 2000s.

    1. This shitty comparison.

    A guy saying "I've taken craps that are less boring than that girl."

    2. This astute observation.

    A girl saying "If these guys don't clean their teeth, it probably means they have smelly balls."

    3. This backhanded compliment.

    A guy saying "I like stuff that looks worn in and used. Vanessa was perfect for me."

    4. This flaccid first impression.

    A guy saying "His handshake felt like a limp dick."

    5. This blunt rebuttal.

    A guy saying "Evan, you're so ugly I didn't even want you to meet my family anyway."

    6. This low blow.

    A girl saying "Sorry, I'm gonna have to 'Next' you, you're just not tall enough."

    7. This absolute burn.

    A guy saying "Where did she buy those clothes, Forever Ugly?"

    8. This stinky slight.

    A girl saying "Maybe you should learn how to tame that skunk on your head."

    9. This creepy "compliment."

    A guy saying "Hey, what's up jugs?" to a girl who replies, "Wow. Next, next, next!"

    10. This zinger that hit below the belt.

    A guy saying "Manny, I saw your pants on Hilary Duff and she has a bigger bulge than you."

    11. This malicious metaphor.

    A girl saying "Even if I wasn't a vegetarian, I wouldn't go near that beefcake."

    12. This cocky response to a penis piercing.

    A guy telling another guy "You know what, I'm not into metal. No hardware with the software. Next."

    13. This family affair.

    A girl saying "Like my tía Consuela always tells me, if you don't wanna fuck 'em, chuck 'em!" and her tía replying "Damn straight!"

    14. And this act of kindness.

    On the left, a girl falls down, on the right a guy responds with "I just wanted to make sure you were okay...Next."

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