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This Movie Trivia Quiz Will Separate The Film Experts From The Beginners

Grab the popcorn!

  1. Who was Ellen Page's love interest in the movie Juno?

    Fox Searchlight Pictures
  2. Who directed Us?

    Monkeypaw Productions
  3. What is this the movie poster for?

    Orion Pictures
  4. How many Pixar animated films have been released?

  5. Who was the youngest Oscar winner of all time?

  6. Who directed Kill Bill?

    A Band Apart
  7. What was Johnny Depp's first movie?

  8. What did Regina George's shirt say in this scene?

    Paramount Pictures
  9. What language is the movie Pan's Labyrinth in?

    Telecinco Cinema
  10. Which Final Destination movie has a series of deaths that take place on a roller coaster?

    Hard Eight Pictures
  11. What did Zach Galifianakis call this baby in The Hangover?

    Warner Bros.
  12. What year did Bring It On come out?

    Beacon Communications

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