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17 Details You Definitely Missed In These Really Famous Movies

Look closer.

h/t R/MovieDetails

1. Mr. Bean's legal name.

2. WALL-E's romantic destiny.

3. Colonel Landa's terrifying strategy.

4. The Zodiac's elusiveness.

5. Adam Sandler's girlfriend pattern.

6. Rocky's missing belly button.

7. Danny's fate.

8. Ash's deadly symbol.

9. The Hess family's creative strategy.

10. The witches' names.

11. Dana's concussion.

12. The T-800's research.

13. Zachary Binx's place of rest.

14. Elizabeth's (sort of) red-bottomed shoes.

15. Borat's weapon.

16. Ben's alcoholism.

17. And Dash's seat placement.