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17 Details You Definitely Missed In These Really Famous Movies

Look closer.

h/t R/MovieDetails

1. Mr. Bean's legal name.

In Mr. Bean (1997), Mr. Bean's passport reveals that his Given is actually "Mr." from MovieDetails

2. WALL-E's romantic destiny.

In WALL-E (2008), the introductory song is “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” from Hello Dolly (1969). The last line of the song is, “and we won’t come home until we’ve kissed a girl.” WALL-E doesn’t return to Earth until he shares a kiss with EVE. from MovieDetails

3. Colonel Landa's terrifying strategy.

In Inglorious bastards (2009), colonel landa checks each of the daughters pulses to assess their anxiety when he conducts his investigation of the house from MovieDetails

4. The Zodiac's elusiveness.

Zodiac (2007) since the real Zodiac was never found they use several actors to voice reading the letters so the viewer doesn't associate any one person with the killings. from MovieDetails

5. Adam Sandler's girlfriend pattern.

Adam Sandler’s love interests in Billy Madison (1995), Happy Gilmore (1996), The Waterboy (1998), Little Nicky (2000), Pixels (2015), & Hubie Halloween (2020) all have a double-V character names from MovieDetails

6. Rocky's missing belly button.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Rocky doesn’t have a belly button because he was created artificially. from MovieDetails

7. Danny's fate.

Midsommar(2019) the opening shot shows a fairy tale depiction of the events of the film from MovieDetails

8. Ash's deadly symbol.

In The Evil Dead (1981), Ash drops the necklace he had given his girlfriend. The chain forms a skull. from MovieDetails

9. The Hess family's creative strategy.

In Signs (2002), the Hess family uses items around the farm to board up the windows and doors of the house. This can be seen at the end of the stairs as Merrill leaves the basement, where the roof of the children's playhouse is covering up a window. from MovieDetails

10. The witches' names.

In Suspiria (2018), the names of the Three Mothers are the Latin words for Darkness, Tears, and Sigh. from MovieDetails

11. Dana's concussion.

In Cabin in the Woods (2011) after the RV crash and redneck zombie ass-kicking, Dana's pupils are shown to be different sizes. This is a common symptom of a concussion. from MovieDetails

12. The T-800's research.

In The Terminator (1984), the T-800 is actually searching the phonebook with both fingers. A closeup shot shows his right finger hover down to Sarah, but in the wide shot its revealed he's already found John Conner with his left. from MovieDetails

13. Zachary Binx's place of rest.

At the end of Hocus Pocus (1993) when the cat dies AKA Zachary Binx, he is found laying next to his sisters grave. I have watched this movie countless times but this is the first time I’ve noticed. from MovieDetails

14. Elizabeth's (sort of) red-bottomed shoes.

In Bad Teacher(2011) her shoes are expensive loubotutin red bottom shoes, but they’re all worn cause she doesn’t have her sugar daddy anymore from MovieDetails

15. Borat's weapon.

In Borat (2006), the titular anti-Semitic lead attempts to buy a weapon to "defend (himself) from the Jews". The firearms dealer hands him a Desert Eagle, a pistol co-designed and built by Israel Military Industries. from MovieDetails

16. Ben's alcoholism.

In Leaving Las Vegas (1995), Nicolas Cage's character Ben doesn't eat a single thing during the whole film, since chronic alcoholics often can't/won't eat. In the restaurant, he puts spaghetti on his fork but doesn't eat it and, when Sera cooks rice for him, he eats an ice cube instead. from MovieDetails

17. And Dash's seat placement.

In The Incredibles (2004). Dash is sitting in the front seat. Reflecting the lax child seating laws of the period, 1962. It wasn’t until the 80’s that child seating laws were enacted. from MovieDetails

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