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    17 Wild Movie Details That'll Make You Want To Rewatch These Iconic Films

    A field day for cinephiles.

    H/t r/MovieDetails.

    1. The two-sided watch.

    In Batman Begins [2005], Bruce Wayne wears a JLC Reverso, which is a watch that can flip over to hide it's face. from MovieDetails

    2. The telling grin.

    In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002), Willem Dafoe wears dental prosthetics for most of the movie as Norman Osborn, but his reflection as the Goblin persona retains Dafoe’s natural, less perfect, teeth. from MovieDetails

    3. The tight shot.

    In ‘Clerks’ (1994) when Randal’s ordering porn in front of the mother and her daughter, the shot gets tighter on him when he says the titles. This is because Jeff Anderson (Randal) refused to say the filthy titles in front of the small girl. from MovieDetails

    4. The sentimental lock screen.

    In Spider-man Into the Spider-verse (2018), Uncle Aaron has a picture of his brother as the lock screen on his phone, while Jefferson has as a picture of Aaron as caller ID. This shows that despite their current bad relationship, they still care about one another. from MovieDetails

    5. The foreshadowing toy.

    In Monsters Inc (2001), Boo tries to give sully a Nemo Doll. Finding Nemo wouldn’t come out until 2003. from MovieDetails

    6. The late night cameo.

    Stephen Colbert had a few second, non-speaking cameo in 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' (2013) from MovieDetails

    7. The shower curtain earrings.

    Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (1987) - After John Candy sells shower curtain rings to scrounge up money they cut to a restaurant where a woman in the background is wearing some as earrings. from MovieDetails

    8. The iconic couple.

    The couple that float up at the end of Hook (1991) is a cameo by both George Lucas and Carrie Fisher from MovieDetails

    Fisher confirmed it was her in the cameo just days before her death in 2016.

    9. The lucky number.

    In Casino Royale (2006), a key ring is numbered 53. The original Casino Royale book was released in 1953, and the movie was released 53 years later. from MovieDetails

    10. The cryptic sports car.

    In 'Kill Bill: Vol. 2' (2004) Bill drives a De Tomaso Mangusta. Mangusta is Italian for Mongoose, an animal renowned for its ability to kill snakes. Meanwhile, Bill is the leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, codenamed 'Snake Charmer' from MovieDetails

    11. The parallel apartment.

    In “13 Going on 30” (2004), Jenna’s apartment is furnished to look identical to the “30, Flirty & Thriving” article she read when she was 13. from MovieDetails

    12. The contrasting belt buckles.

    Noticed this subtle foreshadowing in Coco (2017), Ernesto De La Cruz has a different belt buckle than Coco's father in the torn offrenda photo. from MovieDetails

    13. The time-travel evidence.

    At the beginning of Back to the Future (1985), there's no damage on the clocktower ledge. When Marty comes back to 1985 at the end, you can see the damage from when Doc was up there to send him back in 1955. from MovieDetails

    14. The cheeky name tag.

    In Elf (2003) the Gimbel’s manager has a “Wanda” name tag. The filmmakers hired Wanda Sykes for the role but she dropped out at the last minute. When Faizon Love came on for his scenes he chose to wear Wanda’s nametag. from MovieDetails

    15. The naughty reindeer.

    In The Santa Clause (1994) one of the reindeer has some interesting images pinned to his wall.. from MovieDetails

    16. The time marker.

    In Alien (1979) a picture of Jonesy, the ship’s cat, as a kitten is seen on a computer terminal in the Nostromo. from MovieDetails

    17. And the learned behavior.

    In Ratatouille (2007), the reason Remy suddenly makes Linguine kiss Colette when he was about to reveal his secret was because he saw this couple's fight getting resolved with a kiss earlier in the movie when he ran through the insides of Paris from MovieDetails

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