17 Wild Movie Details That'll Make You Want To Rewatch These Iconic Films

    A field day for cinephiles.

    H/t r/MovieDetails.

    1. The two-sided watch.

    2. The telling grin.

    3. The tight shot.

    4. The sentimental lock screen.

    5. The foreshadowing toy.

    6. The late night cameo.

    7. The shower curtain earrings.

    8. The iconic couple.

    Fisher confirmed it was her in the cameo just days before her death in 2016.

    9. The lucky number.

    10. The cryptic sports car.

    11. The parallel apartment.

    12. The contrasting belt buckles.

    13. The time-travel evidence.

    14. The cheeky name tag. 

    15. The naughty reindeer. 

    16. The time marker.

    17. And the learned behavior.