23 Shockingly Easy Hacks That'll Make You Look At Food In A Whole New Light

    I should probably go grocery shopping for the first time in a month so I can use some of these.

    1. Eating a hard-shell taco over a soft-shell taco to create TWO tacos:

    a hard-shell taco dripping over a soft shell, creating two tacos

    2. And on the subject of tacos, using a muffin tin for your toppings to save yourself from washing multiple dishes:

    a muffin tin with different taco toppings in each nook

    3. Using chopsticks as a bag clip:

    chopsticks keeping a Cheetos bag closed

    4. Wrapping the lettuce around the back of your sandwich or burger to keep the other ingredients from falling out:

    a burger wrapped with lettuce

    5. Using a clip to keep your beer stacked:

    clip on a fridge shelf to keep beer in place

    6. Storing avocado with an onion in the fridge to keep it fresh for days:

    an avocado and an onion in a bag together

    7. Creating a barrier between the cheese and the pan by placing a pepperoni in the hole of the pizza bagel before baking it:

    bagel slices with pepperoni in the middle

    8. Putting frozen pizza slices in the air fryer:

    air-fried pizza

    9. Using the bottom of a wine bottle to help make homemade ravioli:

    the bottom of a wine bottle and ravioli that's been made with its bottom

    10. Mixing cereals to regulate the sweetness levels:

    a mix of Life and Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a bowl

    11. Freezing minced garlic and breaking off squares for cooking:

    minced garlic squares in a freezer bag

    12. Making s'mores in ice cream cones to make them easier to eat:

    ice cream cone s'mores on a grill

    13. Using ramen powder as popcorn seasoning:

    popcorn seasoned with ramen powder

    14. Using tin foil to make a smaller baking pan:

    brownies baked in a large pan that's been sectioned off with tin foil

    15. Cutting up hot dog buns to make sliders for leftovers:

    sliders made with hot dog buns

    16. Using a koozie to eat ice cream right out of the pint:

    a koozie on a pint of Ben & Jerry's

    17. Grating a piece of toast if you're out of bread crumbs:

    a person grating toast on a casserole

    18. Using a mason jar lid ring to cook an egg round for a breakfast sandwich:

    English muffin and an egg in a mason jar lid on a pan

    19. Using Tic Tac containers to store spices:

    spices in Tic Tac containers

    20. Turning a Tupperware container into a cake dome:

    cake in a Tupperware container turned upside down

    21. Toasting your buns like this:

    a hamburger bun toasting on top of a toaster by having each side lean on the other

    22. Coating bacon with brown sugar before putting it in the air fryer to make candied bacon:

    candied bacon

    23. And finally, making a Toaster Strudel breakfast sandwich for ALL the flavors:

    a breakfast sandwich with Toaster Strudel "bread"

    H/T: r/foodhacks