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    15 Mothers-In-Law Who Are Doing A Great Job At Fighting Their Negative Stereotype

    Monsters-in-law are so yesterday.

    1. This MIL who made the bride and groom-to-be a makeshift sweetheart table when the pandemic got in the way of their real wedding plans:

    2. This MIL who might have just made her son-in-law rich from an original Game Boy:

    3. And this MIL who just casually handed her son-in-law a brand-new Nintendo DS:

    4. This MIL who made this intricate stocking for their daughter-in-law:

    5. This MIL who's a certified cow-herding badass:

    6. This MIL who made the most beautiful ode to her deceased husband:

    7. This MIL who cares deeply about her grandcat's coziness:

    8. And this MIL who cares deeply about her grandsnake's coziness:

    9. This MIL who passed on a very sentimental item to her daughter-in-law:

    10. This MIL who isn't afraid to give great-aunt Shelly a good roasting:

    11. This MIL who pulled through for her devastated daughter-in-law:

    12. This MIL who knows how to make a damn good Easter bouquet: 

    13. This MIL who had the most adorable reaction to snow:

    14. This MIL who hand-made an awesome _Super Mario_–themed blanket for her lucky grandchildren:

    15. And this MIL who has an iconic sense of humor: