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    13 Mother-In-Laws You Should Be Thanking Your Lucky Stars You're Not Related To

    When the only way out is divorce.

    1. This MIL who wants her family on board with her conspiracy theories:

    2. This MIL whose son-in-law should probably sleep with one eye open:

    3. This MIL who got real Freudian with her wedding attire:

    4. This MIL who appears to have been singlehandedly responsible for the 2020 toilet paper outage:

    5. This MIL who just dragged every working millennial with the way she referred to her SIL's job:

    6. This MIL who needs someone to just make her coffee for her:

    7. This MIL who's way too gullible:

    8. This MIL who needs to take it down a notch:

    9. This MIL who shouldn't use the dishwasher at all if she's gonna load it like this:

    10. This MIL who shamelessly ate the best part of the dinner:

    11. This MIL who isn't doing anyone any favors:

    12. This MIL who certainly has range:

    13. And this MIL who has an interesting way of expressing her frustration: