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What's Your Worst Horror Story About A Passive Aggressive Roommate?

*Cleans every dish in the sink EXCEPT for yours*

If you have a heartbeat, you've probably had a roommate at one point who you didn't quite get along with.


But instead of talking out your differences face to face, maybe it was easier to sweep things under the rug at first.

The Jim Henson Company

And because open verbal communication was never established, perhaps the silent anger soon evolved to note-writing.

Or cartoon-drawing.

Or a type of messaging that you couldn't even dream up in a nightmare.

What is the most passive aggressive thing a roommate has ever done to you? And if you've been the perpetrator, what's the most passive aggressive thing YOU'VE done to a roommate? We want stories and photos!

The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!