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    These 26 People Found The Best Big And Little Ways To Save Their Money, And Their Photos Will Inspire You

    The "little" things can make a world of difference.

    1. This person meal prepped 115 meals using only $131 worth of groceries:

    2. This person found the best Starbucks hack:

    3. This person found the steal of a lifetime with this $800 car:

    4. This person not only paid off their credit cards, but has over $10,000 in savings:

    5. And this person saved up enough to buy their own washer and dryer! We love to see it:

    6. This person invested in a portable washer, which was a total game-changer for them:

    7. This person downloaded Too Good To Go (a food saving app) and got all of these amazing pastries for only $5:

    8. This person found a job with some super fresh perks:

    9. This person hit the jackpot (also known as the dumpster):

    10. This person clued us in on an amazing secret:

    11. This person's saved spare change really paid off:

    12. Same with this person:

    13. And this person:

    14. This person was in the market for some wall art, so they made it themselves:

    15. This person was able to make themselves three well-rounded meals for less than $7:

    16. This person broke 800 on their credit score — enough said:

    17. This person came up with a super affordable solution for people who don't feel like spending $100 on a Christmas tree:

    18. This person discovered the best time to buy meat:

    19. This person wins "world's most functional belt":

    20. This person saved nearly $2,000 by using the library:

    21. This person thought of a funky way to mend the holes in their clothes:

    22. This person showed us all the light:

    23. This person went above and beyond to give their child a makeshift backyard:

    24. And these parents put on a "stadium" experience for their children that was better than any real ballgame:

    25. This person decided they were gonna stop wasting the fruit their kids didn't eat:

    26. And finally, this person came up with a key-carrying solution that was right in front of our faces all along: