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If Your Mom Told You To Never Shave Your Thighs, You're Not Alone

I believe in razor freedom for all!

Story time! When I was around 12, some chick in my dance class brought it to my attention that it was time to start shaving my legs.

I broke the news to my mother, who mourned the loss of her precious little girl, then gave me the green light...

...under one condition.

I could NEVER, under ANY circumstance, shave my thighs.

If I did, she said, the hair would grow back 10 times coarser and darker. Essentially, I'd look like a wildebeest.

She had 37 years of wisdom on me, so who was I not to believe her? I obeyed her command.

Except for that one time before summer camp. And before a first date. And a few times before the swimming unit in gym class.

To my surprise, it grew back normally! Recently I decided to explore how many other innocent children were lied to. According to Twitter...quite a few!


Some of y’all didn’t have a “you don’t have to shave above the knee” mom and it shows... and I am taking it all in and learning to be like you


I wonder what my life would be like if i listened to my mom and didnt shave above my knees in 6th grade


I’d look Cute I don’t have to with bangs shave above my knee 🤝 Things my mom lied to me about


did anyone else's mom ever tell them they couldn't shave above their knee or was that just mine???


When I first asked my mom if I could shave she said yes but not above the knees.. to this day I have no idea why so when my daughter asks to shave I’ll say ok but not above the knee. This will happen for generations to come


#DumbThingsMyParentsSaid * My mom walking in on me shaving my legs when I was a teenager * SHANNON!!! Girls are not supposed to shave above the knee! Me: So you're ok with me walking around wearing what appears to be casual hair shorts then? Mom: You're such a smartass!


was I the only one who had my mom lie to my face and tell me not to shave above the knee when I was younger?


Mom made it through #HurricaneHarvey totally fine but is now very upset to learn I shave above the knee.


tbt to when my mom didn't let me shave my thighs, only my calves😷😂😂


Did anyone else’s mom tell them not to shave their thighs when they were younger


ok this may sound weird but am I the only one who's mom told them not to shave their thighs


in 4th grade i wanted to shave my legs bc i saw a tutorial in cosmo and then i showed my mom and she said that shaving above my knee would be the biggest regret of my life and one day a guy would run his hand up my thigh and be disgusted with stubble hm hasn't happened yet


When being taught how to shave did anyone else’s mom tell them not to shave their thighs??


@Home_Halfway My mom told my sisters and I not to shave our thighs because our blonde leg hair would come back black. Oh Carrie, smh.


I basically was just sat down to have a serious talk with my grandmother&mom about how I should never shave my thighs. God forbid am i right

Have you fallen victim to this epidemic? Or are you one of the moms responsible for it? If so, what's your reasoning for telling your child this? Did your mom tell you the same?

I clearly have a lot of questions, so please, sound off in the comments below with some answers!