This 30-Year-Old Has Cracked The Code On Gen Z Emojis, And Is Sharing Her Knowledge With Millennials

    I knew I shouldn't have trusted the chair emoji.

    Last week, 30-year-old Scarlett Alexandra graced our TikTok feeds when she explained the REAL meaning behind various popular emojis. TL;DR: She goes to college with Gen Z'ers and is way more in tune with emoji culture than most geriatric millennials 🤗.

    Scarlett explaining what the tongue out and finger pointing emojis mean

    Scarlett must have sensed our fervor for zoomer-related knowledge, because soon after her original emoji explanation video, she posted a part 2!


    Gen Z Emojis Part 2! Thank you guys for following!!! #emoji #genzhumor #millennials #themoreyouknow

    ♬ original sound - Scarlett

    In case you weren't aware, the skull emoji means "that was so funny, I died laughing."

    Scarlett with the skull emoji

    The blue cap emoji could mean either "I'm lying" or "I'm not lying." Confusing, I know.

    Scarlett with the blue cap emoji

    The sobbing emoji means "I'm super embarrassed."

    Scarlett with the sobbing emoji

    The cowboy means "fuck this situation."

    Scarlett with the cowboy emoji

    The standing man means "I feel awkward in this situation."

    Scarlett with the standing man emoji

    The dancing woman means "I'm leaving" or "when in doubt dance it out."

    Scarlett with the dancing woman emoji

    And finally, the chair emoji means nothing. Millennials were the butt of the joke on this one — Gen Z'ers wanted us to think it meant something special, but it was all A LIE.

    Scarlett with the chair emoji

    Anyway, that's all for now. We will make sure to update you with more emoji meanings if Scarlett drops another video!