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The Scary Truth About Pineapple, And 14 Other Things That'll Screw With Your Head

It's freaking me out, man.

1. The fact that humans were able to invent planes and rockets within a 66-year time span:

2. This eerie aerial view of the worst traffic ever:

3. The speed at which cats go from kitten to full grown:

4. The realization that pineapples are eating us, too:

5. Thinking about how many lives are jam-packed into this one building:

6. The speed at which a lush landscape can turn into a desert:

7. This photo of a deer in the winter that gives the illusion that it has no body:

8. The sheer number of humans at this music festival in the middle of a pandemic:

9. The way that emu eggs look as if they're from another planet:

10. How big André the Giant really was:

11. Same with this crocodile that's the length of three adult men:

12. The fact that these things can be moved with a helicopter:

13. This tree that's bigger than a New York City apartment building:

14. The way a sunset can look like the end of the world:

15. And finally, the fact that dragons actually exist:

H/T: r/ThatsInsane.