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Men Are Sharing The Things That Surprised Them The First Time They Saw A Woman Naked, And I'm Dying


It's no secret that when it comes to women's bodies, some men tend to be a little...uneducated.

Recently, Reddit user u/chunkymonkey922 shined a light on this issue by asking the following question in the AskMen subreddit: "What is something that surprised you the first time you saw a woman naked?" The responses range from sweet to bizarre, but they're sure as hell entertaining:

1. "I was surprised by how low the vagina is compared to the placement of the penis. Like, penises are on the front of the torso, but vaginas was wayyy lower than that."

2. "The labia (which I'd heard people call 'lips') weren't like face lips. I thought women could move them, like prehensile vaginas."


3. "As a kid, I thought they were completely forward facing and I was always really worried about how my erection didn’t stick out perpendicular from my body."


4. "The back door is literally by the front door!"


5. "How incredibly soft and warm her skin was."

6. "Boobs being so much more glorious than I had dreamed."


7. "That it wasn't just her letting me see her naked — she wanted me to see."


8. "I lost my virginity to this girl who had what looked like two same-sized boobs when her clothes were on. When we got naked, she had one bigger boob and one smaller boob, but it was not really that noticeable unless they were closer to your face. From then on, a lot of the girls I've been with have had different shaped boobs. It's always so fascinating to find different ways of people being unique."


9. "I grew up in a fairly conservative home. I didn't know what a vagina was until my sister was born when I was 7. I thought they all had boobs and a penis until then."

10. "That they get quite warm down there when they're horny too. I don't know why it never occurred to me, and why I had never heard it before either, but wow. It really surprised me at the time."


11. "I think the most shocking thing to me was realizing that women grow hair in the same spots as men — it's just mostly very light in color and thickness. Girls grow hair on their chest, stomach, butt, back, etc. It's in all the same places as guys, but not as visible."


12. "I was surprised by how wet a vagina could get. My hand was dripping after playing with it for a couple minutes."


13. "Just about all vaginas are in the same spot, but the angle at which the vaginal cavity comes into the body is different on all girls. Some girls' are a straight 90 degrees into the body, some lean as far as 45 degrees. Some even have curvature in their vaginal cavity as well."

14. And finally, "Her boobs didn't honk when I squeezed them."


Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.