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    16 Men Who Wanted Us To Feel Bad For Them, But It Backfired Because Now We Just Think They're Pathetic

    "Sorry if I'm being too polite. Maybe that's why women don't want to have sex with me."

    1. This man thinks there's no greater struggle than making a woman orgasm:

    Text exchange of a man telling a woman, "yeah but it sounds like work with you. With a man it requires minimal work and with you it sounds like a 20 to 30 minute ordeal. I'm not trying to make a girl orgasm unless I plan on marrying her."

    2. This man is "quiet, calculated, intelligent," and a massive liar:

    3. This man thinks every woman owes him heterosexuality:

    A man replying to a post, saying, "What you both just did is to deny two men the lifetime chance to have two beautiful wives. Women complement best a man & vice versa."

    4. This man is stupid enough to think his trick is gonna work:

    5. This man is putting down sexually active men to feel better about himself:

    Diagram of bananas used to illustrate penises and text at the bottom reads, "You could still use the bottom one for penis bread."

    6. This man doesn't seem to be aware that his Hooters redesign plan is the douchiest thing to ever exist:

    Post about Hooters with one comment reading, "So for me as a millennial to be excited bout Hooters it would need to be a fundamentally different experience that..."

    7. This man thinks we'll feel anything other than embarrassment about his donut story:

    8. This man overstepped and took on the unnecessary role of "gender police" in the video game server:

    Text exchange ending in one person saying, "I don't care."
    Text exchange ending in one person telling the other, "you must be a troll."
    Text exchange ending in one person telling the other, "It's time to go outside dude. You are embarrassing yourself."

    9. This man thinks women are "feminizing traditionally male spaces" by being in sports journalism:

    10. This man blames women for the fact that he doesn't get laid:

    11. This man thinks women should be assigned to men to help their self-esteem:

    Post with a comment from someone saying, "Feminism has led to young boys feeling unwanted. An easy solution would be to ensure that no man between 18-15 is single, make sure that women available are given to these men."

    12. This man hates working out, so he thinks gyms should be banned in result:

    A social media post ending with, "I don't train at gyms and I garuntee I'm stronger, fitter and smarter than any of those meatheads."

    13. This man thinks a woman owes him a relationship because he stalked her:

    14. Same with this man:

    15. This man thinks women's bodies have the same worth as a toaster:

    16. And finally, Norbert's got it all wrong:

    H/T: r/justneckbeardthings