I'm Embarrassed For These 17 People Who Thought They Could Get Away With A Silly Lie

    I live for liars getting called out on Google Reviews.

    1. This liar who definitely did not ring the doorbell:

    2. This liar who omitted a key piece of information:

    person claiming they weren't allowed into an event and trying to shame the person and that person responding, you were caught smoking meth in the bathroom you are no longer welcome to our events

    3. This liar who should have been more cognizant of their Reddit history:

    person calling out the other for cheating and exposing themselves with the truth on Redditt

    4. This liar who put an embarrassingly low level of effort into their lie:

    person trying to pass off an actor as their boyfriend

    5. This liar who forgot to switch accounts when they complimented themselves on a joke:

    getting caught using the same account to praise their joke

    6. This liar who got caught in the most cringey way:

    person calling out a lie by saying they don't go to school

    7. This liar who forgot reverse image exists:

    link with a google image to call out the lie

    8. This liar who was absolutely OWNED on Google Reviews:

    restaurant management responds to the lie left on google reviews

    9. This liar who probably wasn't expecting to get a response from the corresponding author of the study they were lying about:

    author saying none of his research shows what the original poster is lying about

    10. This liar who tried to take credit from a small business:

    someone using reverse google images to find out a Reddit poster is taking credit for food photos that aren't theirs

    11. This liar who tried to gloss over the fact that they were banned from a subreddit for antisemitism:

    that's not why you were banned, you were banned for being racist, nice try though

    12. This liar who got caught stealing someone else's story:

    commenter finding the original tweet for the story another tried to use

    13. This liar who tried to tell people they were immune to rabies:

    no such thing as rabies immune stop lying for no reason

    14. This liar who claimed they had sex with J.Lo in high school...despite the fact she went to an all-girls Catholic school:

    commenter saying j.lo went to an all girl catholic school

    15. This liar who really took the time to write a negative review, when they were the one who was breaking the law:

    high school students tried to use a fake id at a restaurant and the manager responds to the lie in the review they left

    16. This liar who is apparently super-human:

    someone using match to tell the original poster that they can't read a 500 page book in 30 min

    17. And finally, this liar who straight up lied about being a vegetarian:

    person 1 says they cant eat meat 'cause it breaks their heart and person 2 says, you have a post in your profile of you grilling chicken

    H/T: r/quityourbullshit