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A Cake Decorator Misheard Instructions For A Little Girl's Birthday And I Am Dead At Her Reaction

"Happy Birthday Loser."

27-year-old Melin Jones has a 2-year-old daughter named Liz. Her nickname is Lizard, and she is ridiculously cute.

Before Lizard's 2nd birthday last year, Jones went to Walmart to get her a cake. She asked the woman who worked at the counter to write "Happy Birthday Lizard" on it. They handed her the cake and she went to go pay for it.

"When I was checking out they did look at me a little weird, but I wasn't thinking anything of it really," Jones told BuzzFeed.

It wasn't until she was unloading her car that she realized what the cake ACTUALLY said.

But when Jones put the cake next to Lizard, she couldn't have had a better reaction.

LIZARD IS ALL OF US. And don't you worry, she ended up getting the cake she deserved.

I've heard a lot of funny stories in my day about people mishearing instructions, but this one really takes the cake.