A Little Boy Was Scared Of Being Laughed At For Dressing Up As Elsa, So His Dad Dressed Up As Her Too

    An important lesson in taking a step "into the unknown."

    Six-year-old Colin Stuart is Queen Elsa's biggest fan. Before Frozen 2 came out in theaters, he told his dad, Scott, that he wanted to wear an Elsa costume to the movie.

    But as the date of the film drew nearer, Colin started to get nervous that people would laugh at him.

    "I feel that in a moment like that, we can either teach our kids to run away from who they are and what they love — to try and please other people — or teach them to have the courage to be themselves," Scott told BuzzFeed. "We chose to teach him to be himself. And to support him, I wore an Elsa costume too."

    Scott's video of him and his son dressed as Elsa has over 10 million views on TikTok, and has received a ton of positive feedback on the platform.

    Colin has loved Elsa since he was 3, Scott told BuzzFeed. He used to have an Elsa doll that he took with him everywhere. "One day he came home from preschool completely distraught because someone said that Elsa was for girls," Scott said. "That day I resolved that I would always support the things that he loves, even if they challenged my (or society's) expectations of him."

    "I would hope people could look at this video and see a child having the courage to be themselves, and know that if they have the courage to do the same, there will be someone who will stand with them too," Scott said.

    Scott is a children's author, and his new book — My Shadow is Pink — was inspired by Colin. It's about a little boy's journey to accept the fact that he has a pink shadow, even though the rest of his family have blue ones.

    Thank you Colin and Scott for showing us the importance of embracing our true colors!