17 Lies About Dating, As Told By "Sex And The City"

    For everyone who is not a Samantha.

    At the ripe age of 22, I binge-watched all of Sex and the City for the first time ever. I was single (still am), living in New York City (currently am not), and desperately seeking the secret to finding love (still fuckin' am). Original, I know.

    It turns out that Sex and the City was just about the worst place to turn for romantic guidance. I can promise you that anyone who has dated in New York City (and likely other big cities) can back me up that the godforsaken series (as addicting as it is) IS A STRING OF LIES.

    Here are some aspects of the show that (in my humble opinion) do not line up with reality:

    1. Meeting romantic partners on the street, in elevators, at the gym, and in random public places in general.

    2. Men coming up with creative dates.

    3. The overwhelming focus on how men are in bed versus their compassion, communication skills, and all of the other extremely important parts of a relationship.

    4. The lack of conversation around birth control.

    5. Dating right off the bat with no period of uncertainty.

    6. The sheer amount of sex had.

    7. Going to dinner – where you can't escape! – on a first date.

    8. Calling people on the phone.

    9. Dating one person at a time exclusively.

    10. A lack of awkwardness when it comes to who's paying for the bill.

    11. Having the option to throw away a potential romantic partner over something as small as being scared of a mouse.

    12. Never agonizing over the "right time" to sleep with a guy.

    13. Running into exes on the street all the time.

    14. Moving on with ease after a dating disappointment or breakup.

    15. The idea that dating is fun.

    16. The fact that every woman found someone by the end of the show.

    17. And the BIGgest lie of all? THAT A GUY LIKE BIG SETTLES DOWN.

    That being said...I absolutely love Sex and the City and am two shitty dates away from re-bingeing the whole series so I can pretend to live in this beautiful fantasy again!