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    14 Frustrating, Head-Scratching, And Hilarious Photos That Will Change The Way You See Restaurant Employees

    I've always wondered what goes on behind the serving window...and now we know!

    I've always been fascinated by the inner workings of restaurant kitchens. That's why I love perusing r/KitchenConfidential on Reddit — it's filled with so many wild photos and stories that provide inside looks into the lives of restaurant workers. Here are 14 photos from this year that shocked me, confused me, and made me laugh:

    1. This EXTREMELY picky customer who knows no bounds:

    Typed instructions: "No lettuce, no greens; very large scoop of tuna, topped with five layers: chopped tomatoes on tuna, chopped onions on tomatoes, chopped dill pickles on onions, and bacon and avocado on pickles; do not mix or stir, no 'slices'"

    2. This chef who hooks up some very lucky dishwashers with a delicious meal:

    Takeout plate of fried chicken and roll, mac 'n' cheese, and what looks like potato salad

    3. This is apparently the prime demographic that every restaurant worker fears:

    Smiling older woman in the driver's seat with caption, "Church is over; time to be an asshole to some restaurant employee"

    4. These restaurant crew members on a boat had a wild smoothie slipup in the freezer:

    What looks like blood splatter on stairs

    5. This kitchen had an in-house exterminator (aka a cat) named Cooper, who sadly passed away after 13 years of duty 😭. RIP, Cooper <3:

    An orange tabby

    6. This server knows how to subtly communicate important messages to the kitchen crew:

    A receipt with. message at bottom: &quot;COPS HERE&quot;

    7. This chef received a tuna so fresh that it still had a harpoon in it:

    Slabs of tuna with a harpoon in it and then with it removed

    8. This dishwasher sent a full-on breakup text to his coworker:

    &quot;Just wanted to let u know as of this morning I am not working with u anymore; I just thought it was time to move on and nothing against u or anyone there I just was tired and thought it was time to try something else, but I hope we can still be friends&quot;

    9. This brutally honest "dietary restrictions" request:

    &quot;Dietary restrictions: Gluten-free preference but is willing to eat gluten if food with gluten is more delicious&quot;

    10. This general manager is about to be really worried by the kitchen crew's diet:

    &quot;Hey what the heck did you eat today? 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of water, cigarettes&quot;

    11. This is how a chef serves their coworker ibuprofen:

    Two ibuprofen pills on a napkin, which is on top of a plate

    12. This restaurant owner does not fuck with food delivery services:

    &quot;We are not interested in DoorDash and will never be interested, take us off your list; I&#x27;d rather see my entire business sick than give you a single red cent; sincerely, fuck your entire business model&quot;

    13. These chefs were having a little too much fun in the kitchen:

    Typed sign: &quot;All chefs: Under no circumstances shall any chef make a rice dick; anyone caught making one will be terminated&quot;

    14. And finally, this employee REALLY just loved kitchen life THAT much:

    &quot;Once when I was waitressing, I had a coworker who was so unfazed by rude customers, and I was like, &#x27;how do you do it?!&#x27; and she was like, &#x27;oh, I have a trust fund — I just do this to make friends,&#x27; and I think about her every day&quot;