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    15 Photos From Restaurant Workers That Give A Wild Behind-The-Scenes Look At What Really Goes On In Kitchens

    Kitchen confidential.

    1. Sometimes suppliers take orders way too literally:

    2. Extensive allergy lists can put chefs in between a rock and a hard place:

    3. Cutting boards are used so often that sometimes they break in half:

    4. Same with tongs:

    5. This is what a disaster looks like:

    6. This too:

    7. Chefs need their space while cooking:

    8. As much as people love their coworkers, sometimes they need to get the hell out of the kitchen:

    9. Suppliers can really screw you over:

    10. Cooking for a football team is no joke:

    11. Same with cooking for college grads:

    12. Fruit comes in cubes:

    13. Some workers are ridiculously messy:

    14. Shucking and cleaning clams takes forever:

    15. And finally, chefs don't put a quarter as much effort into their own food as they do yours:

    H/T: r/KitchenConfidential.