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    16 Types Of People Who Think They're Superior To The Rest Of The Human Race

    Coffee with milk is STILL COFFEE.

    1. Anyone who quizzes you on your music knowledge.

    2. Anyone who's always quick to reply that "the book is better."

    3. Anyone who judges how tough someone is by how rare they eat their steak.

    4. Anyone who insists you need to meet certain milestones within a specific age range.

    5. Anyone who tries to claim generic gym equipment as something from "their generation."

    6. Anyone who assumes women don't care about tech.

    7. And anyone who thinks every man needs to know about tools...or whatever this is.

    8. Anyone who belittles someone who works fewer hours than them.

    9. Anyone who thinks small dogs aren't valid.

    10. Anyone who insists you're not a REAL coffee drinker unless you drink it black.

    11. Anyone who thinks people who didn't study art are uncultured morons.

    12. Anyone who sees the car tushy warmer as emasculating.

    13. Anyone who tries to preach that veganism is the ultimate image of health.

    14. Anyone who judges people based on the types of hotels they can afford.

    15. Anyone who tries to dictate what little girls should and shouldn't play with.

    16. And anyone who thinks you need religion in order to be happy.

    H/t r/gatekeeping.