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    17 Jokes About Capitalism That Most Gen Z'ers Are Too Young To Understand

    Help <3.

    1. This boiling hot tea about grad school:

    The struggle is real from antiwork

    2. This scary realization about Ash from Pokémon:

    Sounds vaguely familiar... from antiwork

    3. This mini list that the majority of thirtysomethings could definitely add to their resumes:

    I’d like to thank my job for giving me all four of these from antiwork

    4. This strong dose of reality about our relationship to stress:

    100% of the time... from antiwork

    5. And this sickening reminder about our relationship to the weekend:

    mindset still ruined even on our only rest day from antiwork

    6. This whimsical text exchange that could only happen in our dreams:

    How you should respond from antiwork

    7. This spot on diversity diagram:

    wow look at how diverse your lowest paying jobs are! from antiwork

    8. This wildly accurate job application mood:

    Why should I do that ?.. from antiwork

    9. This freaky "joke" about our addiction to technology:

    Why we like this from antiwork

    10. This nightmare in a tweet:

    Best part of the work day from antiwork

    11. This depiction of me every single morning:

    Not mine found on ig from antiwork

    12. This clown of an ant that's actually all of us:

    They’ll make clowns of us all from antiwork

    13. This lie we tell people all the time:

    2 real from antiwork

    14. This awkward conversation that shouldn't even be happening in the first place:

    The amount of companies that do this from antiwork

    15. This queen whose situation is all too common:

    Gonna leave this here... from antiwork

    16. This metaphor that should empower anyone with a tattoo:

    I'd take real tiny needles over corporate bullshit any day. from antiwork

    17. And this nod to the poor souls who aren't on a Monday–Friday schedule:

    A moment of silence for those working in retail from antiwork

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