17 Jobs That Don't Seem Glamorous, But They Pay Super Well

    Get that bread.

    Are you the type of person who doesn't really care what career you go into, as long as it makes you some do-re-mi?

    Well, we've got a list for you! Reddit user ShanChab asked the Redditsphere, "What's an unexpectedly well-paid job?" Here are some helpful responses that might have you reconsidering that college major — or college at all, for that matter:

    1. Poop patrol workers in San Francisco ($71,000+).

    2. A closed caption broadcaster for the news (up to $72,000).

    3. Garbage collectors in New York ($100,000+).

    4. An In-N-Out manager (up to $160,000).

    5. A technical writer ($100,000+).

    6. A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority worker ($100,000+).

    7. An aircraft dispatcher ($100,000+).

    8. A court reporter ($100,000+).

    9. A mobile crane operator ($200,000+).

    10. An optician ($30+/hour).

    11. A librarian for the federal government ($100,000+).

    12. A boiler operator ($35+/hour).

    13. A funeral director ($75,000+).

    14. A Trader Joe's manager ($100,000+).

    15. A dental hygienist ($48+/hour).

    16. A sign language interpreter ($35+/hour).

    17. An occupational therapist ($100,000+).

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.