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    16 Jean Shopping Tweets That Are Almost As Uncomfortable As Jean Shopping

    "Trying on jeans in the fitting room is an extreme sport."

    1. Going jean shopping takes courage.

    eleanor roosevelt once said to 'do one thing every day that scares you.' today, I'm going jean shopping.

    2. It requires both mental...

    Mental health goals: go jean shopping without crying in a fitting room stall

    3. ... And physical strength.

    trying on jeans in the fitting room is an extreme sport

    4. Sometimes it makes you wonder who in the hell is designing these things.

    jean shopping - the never ending struggle btwn my human lady-body, & some fashion designer's fantasy of what a human lady body looks like.

    5. Heck, sometimes it makes you question your entire existence.

    the feeling i get when trying on jeans is like...... ok I didn’t even ASK to be born

    6. And that's if the store even has your size.

    shopping for jeans is so fun because no matter what store or when you go, they will always be sold out of your size and your size only

    7. If they DO have your size, chances are it won't even fit right.

    #growingupthick buying jeans that fit your thighs so they end up being huge asf everywhere else

    8. When you fail, you feel like trash.

    "Oh, you feel good about your body? We'll take care of that." - jeans shopping

    9. And when you succeed, you feel like you're on top of the world.

    I went jean shopping and the first pair I tried on fit. I'll be right over there, if you need someone to part the Red Sea or something.

    10. But the high of a good purchase never seems to last long.

    if I had a dollar for every time a relative made fun of me for buying jeans with holes in them.....

    11. The horrors of jean shopping do not discriminate.

    Fellas am I the only one that struggles with jeans shopping!?

    12. Pretty much everyone would rather do just about anything else.

    i would rather scoop out my own eyeball with a pair of chopsticks than go jean shopping

    13. Including buying everything EXCEPT jeans.

    Help I went jeans shopping and instead bought 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, a kettle, and a coffee press.

    14. Some people don't bother doing it at all, and TBH they're the smart ones.

    RT if instead of buying new jeans you just keep patching the holes in the crotch of your one pair but now it's winter and you're worried

    15. Because they know that any time you try to buy jeans your self esteem is pretty much guaranteed to plummet.

    Feeling great about yourself? Ask your doctor if trying on jeans might be right for you.

    16. In conclusion, everyone hates it, so we should all just give up and embrace literally ANY other type of pants.

    Leggings. Because going to the mall and trying on jeans turns me into a ball of anxiety