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    23 Absolutely Horrid Parents Who Have Officially Gone Off The Deep End

    No child deserves this.

    Note: The following post contains examples of child abuse and endangerment.

    1. This parent who has proudly smoked during every single one of her pregnancies:

    2. This parent who's sneaking urine into her daughter's (and the daughter's friends') popsicles:

    3. This parent who doesn't give her 3-year-old a minute of rest:

    4. This parent who possibly had the most insensitive response to a mother's concerns that I've ever seen:

    5. This parent who harassed their child because of their sexuality:

    6. This parent who's turning to Facebook instead of the ER:

    7. This parent who advised another parent to use coconut oil for PINWORMS:

    8. This parent who's living in a web of lies:

    9. This parent who maybe should have thought about their child's education before they decided to be an anti-vaxxer:

    10. This parent who's glamorizing a very dangerous home birth:

    11. This parent who seems to think it's funny that their child is being exposed to them having sex:

    12. This parent who's unfortunately a school teacher:

    13. This parent who sent these seething texts because there weren't any mashed potatoes in the fridge:

    14. This parent who freaked out at their ADULT daughter for wearing a tank top:

    15. This parent who should be grateful they even got a text:

    16. This parent who installed a camera in their kitchen to police their child's eating:

    Screen shot of a text exchange

    17. This parent who's angry at their child for not wanting to come to their Covid-positive house:

    18. This parent who's trying to blame their child's poor mental health on the Covid vaccine:

    19. This parent who's a little too open about their child favoritism:

    20. This parent who cares way too much about gender norms:

    21. This parent who treats their children like employees:

    22. This parent who handed their contagious daughter over to her aunt so they could go on vacation:

    23. And finally, this parent who would abandon their child for making a "mistake":